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At Allied, we have qualified expert team of professional trainers that will help you gain relevant knowledge to be able to perform the tasks and duties of your office effectively and efficiently.

We offer taxation trainings and accounting trainings. At our taxation training courses, we provide basic knowledge of taxation system of Ministry of Finance and its applicable procedures with different entities across the country. Apart from calculation of different types of taxes you will be able to fill and prepare the necessary forms and documents and be able how to submit and process the forms with Ministry of Finance on regular basis on a timely manner to void any penalty.

We have specialized packages on different subjects for business entrepreneurs and employees on short and long term basis.

  • Afghanistan taxation law basics
  • Different types of taxes calculations
  • Forms preparation and submission
  • Annual tax returns

The training courses will be held at one of Allied’s venue bases on the time table scheduled for a number participants.

If you are not able to attend the courses we may come to your office and provide you special training at your own place and this will charge higher than regular classes.

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